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March 29, 2005 was the day we decided to throw away birth control.

As much as we were loving on each other,

we didn’t think that it would take long for me to get pregnant.

Every month we got excited because my period was two to three weeks late.

Little did we know that was classic PCOS.

We’d find that out three years later.


it’s five years later and we’re still not parents.


I’ve been down in the dumps,

really low.

My period started on March 29th.

Felt like a slap in the face.

My 41-year-old uterus is useless.

I decided to climb out of the darkness.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Shug and I are in a good place.

We still love and respect each other.

We still want the best for each other.

And we’re seriously looking into other options for starting our family.


I think I’ll be posting more.

It’s time to move on.

Time to stop obsessing about how much time has passed.

Look forward to the future.

God has something special planned for us.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have made this far.


FIVE YEARS = 60 Months.

This is My Best Friend In The Whole Wide World Baby Girl - Kennedy Simone

See that look?

That’s exactly how I feel.

I’ll start posting again after the PMDD passes.

Seriously ya’ll,

I’ve got NOTHING!!!

Life is moving along,

we’re doing well.

Seeing the devastation in Haiti is heartbreaking.

We would love to adopt  a Haitian orphan.

We may seriously look into it.

We found out that my co-worker isn’t a tissue match with MyDaddy.

We were so disappointed;

but my poor co-worker was and still is absolutely heartbroken.

He really wanted to help.

Prayerfully MyDaddy will get his kidney this year.

 So other than regular day-to-day stuff,

that’s about it.

Told you,

I’ve got nothing y’all……

That’s all!

December 18th - Me & Shug dancing my company Holiday Party.

December 27th - our first full day on our family cruise to Mexico.


December 28th - Our ship in port in Progesso, Yucatan Mexico

December 28th - MyMama & MyDaddy. We went on a family cruise to celebrate MyParents 45th anniversary.

December 28th - Shug enjoying an adult beverage. He's so silly!

December 29th - The lovely Gulf of Mexico in Cozumel, Mexico.

December 29th - Shug & I at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Cozumel, Mexico.


Me & Shug on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico.

I’ll post an update at some point and before this week ends.

MyMama isn’t going to be able to donate a kidney to MyDaddy.

She is devastated.

Her kidney function wouldn’t be at a healthy level if she donates.

A co-worker of mine has offered to donate.

He faxed his paperwork yesterday.

Isn’t that amazingly wonderful?

Thanksgiving was nice,

but no one was in the mood for turkey.

We ate gumbo and cornbread dressing.

We’ve decided to volunteer next year.

I see my  doctor on Monday,

I’ve decided to tell her that we are no longer trying to conceive.

She’ll probably put my on hbp medication.

Which is fine,

my uterus and ovaries are useless.

My annual is on Thursday.

I’ll probably make my doctor cry again.

There’s more,

but I’m still not in the mood to write.

This blog is depressing as hell!