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Shug had his dressing changed yesterday.

He has six incisions.

His tendon transfer was definitely successful.

His foot is standing tall,

in a normal position.


He goes back next Monday to have his stitches removed.

He’ll be in walking boot for a while.

On Thursday he resumes physical therapy for his knee.

Not certain when he’ll start rehabbing his foot.

A lot of that therapy will be training his brain to move his foot.

His doctor said it will take a while to train his brain to move his foot.

He told him that he will get frustrated and question why he did the surgery.

But in the end he will be able to train his brain to move his foot.

I’m doing better today.

My period started early Saturday morning.

Shug and I talked about the lack of PMDD symptoms.

I told him that I want to see my doctor to have blood-work done.

Of course, he wants me to leave it alone.

So I will for now,

especially since the PMDD showed up.


We were eating lunch at Red Robin.

Uncontrollable emotions.

I started crying at the table.

Still don’t know why,

but we left quickly after that.

Went home and took half of the little blue pill.

Took one Sunday too.

I should have taken one yesterday,

but I didn’t.

So yeah,

no question about it.

PMDD is around when I’m menstrual and post-menstrual.

Now that I know that,

watch it change up again.

Oh what a lovely ride……


Shug’s Left Foot

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Family
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my-left-footShug’s surgery is scheduled.

He’s having a tendon transfer on Friday, February 27th.

He’ll be in surgery for about 75 minutes.

Go to recovery for an hour and half.

And go home in a walking boot.

He’ll spend the weekend with his leg elevated.

Stay home for a week.

And return to work on March 9th.

It still amazes me that all of this is from dislocating his knee.

Oh well,

He’s very ready to get this surgery out of the way.

He knows that this is his final surgery.

And sooner,

rather than later.

He’ll be walking close to normal.