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Anniversary 91809We ate here on Friday night.

We were going to go dancing at a jazz club in Dallas,

but we decided to go home and honeymoon instead.

We had a great night.

The service was outstanding,

and the food was delicious!

We didn’t do much over the weekend.

We watched college football on Saturday,

and then professional football yesterday.


The Saints look really good this season

Too bad we live in Cowboys country!

I don’t want to laugh at their misfortune,

but they are a team we love to hate!

Not much else is going on in our lives right now.


it’s Monday!


RosesLovely roses greeted me when I got home from work yesterday.

Shug is so sweet.

We had dinner at my parent’s house.

Tonight we have a date.

I don’t know where we’re going,

but we have dinner reservations at 7PM.

I think we’re going to go to a jazz club after that,

but I’m not sure because Shug has the night planned

and it’s all a secret.

My Shug,

I love him!

We took a break on the fertility meds this month.

That 32 day cycle proved that I didn’t ovulate when I supposed to.

I’m not certain if I’m going to take them again.

I have three refills left,

so we’ll see.

Enough infertility talk!

I’m having a lovely day,

and I’m looking forward to having a lovely evening

with Shug.

Sharing the cake topper on our first anniversary.

Sharing the cake topper on our first anniversary.

Four years ago today we got married.

Three weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

Three weeks after we lost everything.

It was a small,

but perfect ceremony.

Just family and close friends.

We exchanged white gold wedding bands that we purchased  from a Zales outlet for $500.

A year later Shug got me a beautiful wedding set.

As much as I love my rings;

I only wear them on weekends

or on special occasions.

I wear my simple band everyday.

It was purchased with all that we had,

and it’s more precious than anything that I own.

I love him with all that I have.

And he loves me as well.

He’s my heart.

I wish that I could give him what I know he wants.




I love you Shug!

Thank you for making me your wife.

Happy Anniversary Shug!!

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On September 17, 2005, I married the love of my life.  We’ve been through a lot these past three years.  We’ve weathered life’s ups and downs and so far we’re coming out on top. 

Our original wedding date was November 12, 2005 in New Orleans where we lived at the time.  It was going to be a small, but lavish wedding at the Carl.ton in NOLA.  We really wanted small and simple, but my mother had other ideas.  She had kind of taken over and it was going to be a much larger event than we really wanted. 

We evacuated to Dallas the saturday before Hurricane Katrina hit, and have never looked back.  On September 13, 2005 on a whim, we went to the courthouse in Arlington, TX .  We wanted to inquire about getting a marriage license.  The clerk asked us if we had $40 and our driver’s licenses’.  We had both and with that we were able to get our marriage license.  We were so excited.  We decided that we would go ahead with our original plan of a small and simple wedding.  We told my mom that she had until Saturday, September 17th to plan our wedding.  She tried to take over, but she didn’t have enough time.  She did manage to get a two-tier wedding cake, which was DELICIOUS! Old friends and family that had evacuated were our guests. It was small and perfect. 

He’s an amazingly wonderful man, and I’m truly blessed to have him as my husband.  He’s not perfect, but neither am I.  I thank God for him daily.  He’s all that I want and all that I need.