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MyDaddy is in the hospital again.

He had a fistulogram with angioplasty yesterday.

He went home after the procedure and got sick.

He had a high fever,

shortness of breath,

and he was hallucinating.

He went to the hospital in an ambulance.

He has an infection and they promptly admitted him.

So while we’re in the emergency room,

waiting for them to transfer him to his room,

Ba.y.l.o.r Transplant Services called.

They had a kidney for him……


A kidney that he had to refuse because he’s admitted to a hospital with an infection.

I swear,

it never ends!

le sigh……


The donor kidney wasn’t good enough to transfer.

Of course we’re disappointed,

but we’re still optimistic.

Thanks so much for the prayers,

hopefully we’ll need them again soon.

They have a kidney for MyDaddy!!



this is it!

Please pray!!

Passive aggressive people work on my last nerve.

I’m ready to go home.

I wish I was at home in New Orleans right now.

Fuck Miami!

Shug & I did our taxes on Wednesday night.

For the first time EVER,

we owe those bastards some money.

Ain’t that some bullshit?!?!

Happy Birthday to GG – welcome to 41!

MyDaddy had an angioplasty procedure with stent placement this morning.

He had a vein with 95% blockage in his shoulder.

This is his fourth operation in 2010.

*Le Sigh*

He needs a kidney!

I don’t like liars.

Don’t talk to me if you’re going to lie to me.

I know someone who lies about stupid shit.

I call her out on it every time, and she still does it!

I don’t know how I feel about a certain blog that I used to read on the regular.

All those rules aren’t sitting well with me.

I don’t think I want to play anymore.

My boss is a Vikings fan,

I’m a Saints fan.

We made a bet on the Saints/Vikings game.

If the Vikings won – I owed him a case of Sam Adams.

If the Saints won – he owed me a bottle of vodka……

 He paid up today!

Whoot Whoot!!!

I miss The Tchoupitoulas.

I love my husband.

The end!

Seriously ya’ll,

I’ve got NOTHING!!!

Life is moving along,

we’re doing well.

Seeing the devastation in Haiti is heartbreaking.

We would love to adopt  a Haitian orphan.

We may seriously look into it.

We found out that my co-worker isn’t a tissue match with MyDaddy.

We were so disappointed;

but my poor co-worker was and still is absolutely heartbroken.

He really wanted to help.

Prayerfully MyDaddy will get his kidney this year.

 So other than regular day-to-day stuff,

that’s about it.

Told you,

I’ve got nothing y’all……

MyMama isn’t going to be able to donate a kidney to MyDaddy.

She is devastated.

Her kidney function wouldn’t be at a healthy level if she donates.

A co-worker of mine has offered to donate.

He faxed his paperwork yesterday.

Isn’t that amazingly wonderful?

Thanksgiving was nice,

but no one was in the mood for turkey.

We ate gumbo and cornbread dressing.

We’ve decided to volunteer next year.

I see my  doctor on Monday,

I’ve decided to tell her that we are no longer trying to conceive.

She’ll probably put my on hbp medication.

Which is fine,

my uterus and ovaries are useless.

My annual is on Thursday.

I’ll probably make my doctor cry again.

There’s more,

but I’m still not in the mood to write.

This blog is depressing as hell!

MyDaddy - Mardi Gras 2007

My birthday was wonderful.

All that anxiety for nothing.

41 feels fabulous.

MyDaddy had surgery yesterday.

He came through surgery well,

but we had a bit of a scare while he was in recovery.

He was having trouble breathing.

His blood oxygen level was 85%,

after sticking a tube down his throat and nose,

and working on him they got it up to 96%.

Normal is 95-100%.

He retained a lot of fluid from surgery,

so they sent him to dialysis and kept him overnight.

He’s probably going to go home today after his surgeon checks him out.

It’ was pretty scary,

but he’s breathing fine now,

and he feels so much better.

So glad that all’s well!