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See that smile?

It’s sincere.

I’m in a good place right now.

I’m not stressed.

I’m enjoying my life.

I’m good.

I went through the motions from January 6th – April 15th.

I wasn’t really living while MyDaddy’s life was on the line.

Now I’m living out loud.

Shug & I have taken several small trips.

A trip to Atlanta is being discussed.

One of my favorite bloggy friends  lives there.

We’re still mapping out a trip to the Caribbean.

I think that trip will be in December.

And I’m thinking we may end up in New York for our 6th anniversary.

Who knows what we’ll do.

I think having the freedom to do what we want,

when we want to is the only good thing about not having children.

And I’m okay with that.

I tried to keep up with everyone’s blogs while I was gone.

I didn’t do a very good job.

Two of my favorite bloggy friends,

Erin & Preshus Me have added ADORABLE baby boys to their flocks.

Congratulations y’all!

Life is going on,

and you know what?

I’m feeling really good!

Hey y'all!

So much has happened since January,

and so much has remained the same.

I’ve wanted to write,

but just didn’t feel up to it.

My world almost ended when we came close to losing MyDaddy.

His kidney transplant was not successful.

First it was a “shocky’ kidney,

then it went into rejection,

then it turned to sepsis.

They removed the kidney on February 14th.

He was released from rehab on April 15th.

It’s been a long haul,

but he’s doing WONDERFUL now!

He’s living,

walking proof of God’s Grace & Mercy.

He’s back at the top of the transplant list.

 Our prayers are more specific this time.

A kidney that will function,

keep him healthy

 and better his life is my specific prayer.

I’ll fill you guys in on me tomorrow.

Just know that I’m good and

I’ve been gone far too long!