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I think I’m done…

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Life

As much as I want to write,

there really isn’t anything interesting going on in my life right now.

I will continue to follow blogs,

but until something interesting happens,

I think I’m done…


It’s one thing to say you’re 40,

but BEING in your 40’s is totally different!

At least it is,

in my mind.

Last year at this time, 

I was just trying to keep my head above water.

This year,

Shug is healthy,

we’re happy,

and all is as well as it could be.

I’m blessed to be able to see 41.

It’s just a number……

CletusI miss The Tchoupitoulas so much.

He’s been gone for a month.

And as much as it hurts,

we’re doing our best to heal.

Cletus is making it easier.

He’s so funny.

He makes us laugh every day.

We’re thankful for that.

We’re still trying to make a baby.

Medicated cycles aren’t helping.

We need IVF.

We can’t afford IVF.

We could afford IVF if we do it internationally.

We’re seriously looking into that.

So that’s it.

We’re still hurting,

but we’re also moving forward with life.

We’re healing.

The golf course behind my office

The golf course behind my office

It’s storming in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The building across the street was struck by lightening.


That’s all I’ve got right now.

I’m taking it easy,

gearing up for the sessy times marathon that starts tomorrow.



My BRACAnalysis test came back negative!!

I know this doesn’t mean that I won’t get breast cancer.

My mother tested negative also,

and she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 59.

But it does mean that I’m not carrying a mutated gene for BRCA1 or BRCA2.

And that’s enough to give me a great sense of relief.

Praise God!

get-in-there1I had my first acupuncture session last Saturday.

We spent the about an hour going over my medical history.

Then she checked my tongue and my pulse.

She told me that my circulation is slower than it should be for my age.

Our plan is to decrease my stress level (easier said than done).

And increase the circulation and blood flow to my uterus.

She started by inserting needles in my feet, shins, stomach, hands, arms, ears, back of the neck and my forehead.

Then she placed a an electrical stimulus on a few of the needles.

She covered my eyes,

turned down the lights

and left me.

She opened the door a while later

and asked if I was okay.

I was.

She came in again,

I don’t know how much later it was because I was knocked out.

She twisted some the needles,

I think she called it stirring my chi –

but I really don’t remember because I was so relaxed.

She left me for a while.

I awoke to her saying my name softly,

 and proceeded to burst out in tears.

I was so embarrassed,

but she said that it was a good thing.

It shows the treatment is having an effect on me.

I got it all out,

fixed my clothes and walked to the front desk.

She gave me two bottles of Chinese herbs.

Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan for fertility.

Si Wu Tang Wan for circulation.

I take both twice a day.

They’re cute little tiny pellets.

I left there feeling so unbelievably relaxed.

I’ll see Dr. Tang once a week

for three to six months.

And maybe,

just maybe…………..

maybe we’ll get pregnant.

I've lost my mind...

I've lost my mind...

Butterflying free....

Butterflying free....

So I let my 18 year old niece talk me into getting another tattoo.

This is my seventh tattoo.

Damn that sounds like a lot.

A band of flowers around my right ankle.

A ladybug on my right foot.

Three fish swimming on my lower right back.

And Shug’s government name written across the top of my ass.

Classy huh?


This one, like the others, is very special.

I wanted something that would remind me to be carefree.

Something beautiful.

Something to remind me that my life is special.

Butterflies start their lives as a  lowly caterpillar.

They crawl through muck.

When they reach a certain point in their lives.

They wind themselves into a cocoon.

And then struggle to break free from that encasement.

Then they emerge as a beautiful carefree creature.

That’s me!

Last year was hard.

Last year was my cocoon.

Prayerfully this year will be better.

And just in case it’s not.

I will still continue to be…..

A beautiful creature.