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Still Blessed!

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Family, Life, Uncategorized
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So far so good.  40 isn’t bad at all. I still can’t believe that I’m 40, but I have no complaints thus far.

Shug is doing great.  His physical therapy is going well and now that he has his AFO, his foot isn’t bothering him as much.  He’s doing so well that we’re going home this weekend.  We’ve been with my parents for 3 weeks now; and while we are so very thankful to them – it’s time to go! 

So I finally decided on my 40th birthday gift. I had a hard time deciding, but I realized that all I wanted was a day to myself.  I’m going to spend 5-6 hours at The Spa At The Crescent tomorrow.  This is all that I want and I that I need.