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My BRACAnalysis test came back negative!!

I know this doesn’t mean that I won’t get breast cancer.

My mother tested negative also,

and she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 59.

But it does mean that I’m not carrying a mutated gene for BRCA1 or BRCA2.

And that’s enough to give me a great sense of relief.

Praise God!

IMG_1144I feel good!

I know I’ve been quiet for a few days.

I can’t get my thoughts together to post anything of significance.

I’m anxiously waiting for CD3 so I can start taking F.e.mar.a.

Too bad it’s only CD23.

I wish I could write something of substance,

but I’m too excited to focus on anything.

I feel like I’m floating.

Floating on a cloud of hope & faith.

Prayerfully it will work this time.

IMG_1146 (2)


God blessed me when he came into my life.

We’ve been in a good place the past few weeks.

Looking out for each other.

Spending more time together.

Small things,

that makes us appreciate each other a little more.

We’re also hopeful right now.

We’ve both got a little kick in our step,

and a twinkle in our eyes.

And even though it’s a long shot;

I would love to be able to place a happy and healthy child

in the arms of The Love of My Life!


It’s a long shot,

but we are going forward with medicated cycles.

Met.formi.n, Let.raz.ole & P.r.omet.rium.

Along with acupuncture and herbs.

The first cycle will be monitored.

We’ll start on CD 3 next month.

And can I say thank you?

You all have been so supportive.

I thank God for all of you!


let’s all do the Happy Dance!!


First of all,

I’m feeling much better.

Still having a little pain,

but nothing like the severe pain that I experienced on Monday.

So anyway,

I’m not ready to give up on trying to make a baby.

I’ve been thinking about calling my doctor.

I want to try a few medicated cycles.

I’ve never tried a medicated cycled along with

and acupuncture.

It’s cheaper than IUI;

and since IVF is out of the question

it’s seems like it’s totally do-able.

I just made the appointment,

before I talked myself out of it.

I have a consultation scheduled on Tuesday at 10:45 AM.

Yay me!!

I’ve also been thinking about  BRAC Analysis.

I think I should do it.

And if it’s possible,

I’ll do it on Tuesday.

Shug is all for the testing,

he’s not excited about the medicated cycles.

And I understand where he’s coming from;

but since we can’t afford to do IVF

I feel like we should be doing something.

ANYTHING other than nothing!

I know it’s a long shot,

but I want to try.

I’m just not ready to give up yet.

For some strange reason,

I still have hope.

I’m okay,

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IMG00272after a trip to the emergency room yesterday.

I started having chest pains Saturday afternoon.

I have a lung disease that affects the upper lobe of my left lung,

so it’s not uncommon for me to have chest pain.

So I didn’t think much of it.

I didn’t sleep well Saturday night,

I couldn’t get comfortable because my chest was still hurting.

We spent Mother’s Day with mom,

had a great day but my chest was still hurting.

Yesterday morning,

I had already  made the decision to call my pulm.onary doct.or;

when I started experiencing shortness of breath on the way to work.

I drove to my doc’s hospital and went to the ER.

They immediately hooked me up to oxygen and monitors.

After blood work and a series of chest x-rays,

they ruled out any problems with my heart.

I have an extremely rare lung disease,

so I had to explain Swyer James McLeod Syndrome to the ER doc.

They were concerned that my lung had collapsed

or that I had a pul.monary (blood clot).

Further testing ruled that out.

When I explained that it hurt more when I moved around,

he concluded that I had a muscle strain in my chest wall.

So after five hours,

I left with a script for Mo.trin to reduce inflammation

and for pain.

I’m back at work today.

I’m still sore,

apparently it will take some time for this heal.

But all in all,

I thank God


I’m okay.


My period started bright and early this morning.

I knew it would.

I haven’t cried yet.

I took a whole blue pill instead of half.

I’m trying really hard not question God’s plan.

But I can’t help but ask,

Why not us?