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Mom & DadMyMama is donating a kidney to MyDaddy!!!

She starts her work up on Tuesday,

and the transplant will take place in about two weeks!

We’re so excited.

MyDaddy had renal cancer in his left kidney,

it was removed in December 1999.

He’s been on dialysis since his right kidney failed in May 2005.

In March 2007,

he started home dialysis.

My mother dialyzes him six days a week.

He’s been on the transplant list for three years.

They celebrated their 45th anniversary on August 22nd.

And now,

he’s getting MyMama’s kidney!



My BRACAnalysis test came back negative!!

I know this doesn’t mean that I won’t get breast cancer.

My mother tested negative also,

and she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 59.

But it does mean that I’m not carrying a mutated gene for BRCA1 or BRCA2.

And that’s enough to give me a great sense of relief.

Praise God!

Marcella B. Pittman

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Family
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Praise God she’s no longer suffering – my aunt got her wings this morning at 7:06 AM. 

Velda, Marcella & Gail - March 2008

The Sisters: Velda, Marcella & Gail - March 2008

Auntie Marcella - July 2008

Auntie Marcella - July 2008

Uncle Zeke, Zelda & Auntie Marcella - September 2008

Uncle Zeke, Zelda & Auntie Marcella - September 2008

My period started on Friday afternoon. Thank you God! I was so worried that I would have to take meds for my period to start. Years ago, before I became irregular, I had 32 day cycles. So maybe my body has decided to go back to the old days. Who knows, I’m just glad it came.
Jefferson, Jack & Jethro

The Boys: Jefferson, Jack & Jethro

We’ve spent the weekend house and dog sitting for my parents.  They went back to New Orleans to visit my aunt.  Her life is slowly coming to an end. She’s in a hospice facility and is semi-comatose. She’s my mom’s oldest sister.  It’s all so sad.  I think she would have let go a while ago, but my cousin is not ready for her to die. My cousin is an only child and she has been in denial for the past six months.  She really believed that her mother would get better. I think once my cousin accepts that she is dying and she’s suffering, I think my aunt will let go. I pray that happens soon, it’s hard to see her like this. She’s such a strong woman, a lot stronger than she ever gave herself credit for.  Last week when she was still able to speak, she called herself pitiful and pathetic.  My aunt is far from pitiful or pathetic. She was a school teacher for 40 some odd years. She was still active in her union until earlier this year when the cancer attacked her brain.  She’s a beautiful woman.  Strong willed and very opinionated like the rest of the Berzat/Francois women.  Prayerfully she’ll get her wings soon and we’ll come together as a family and celebrate her life.
My cousin sharing her hair

My cousin sharing her hair

My cousin sleeping with her Mama
My cousin sleeping with her Mama