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I made my doctor cry.

I had my annual earlier this afternoon.

My doctor was so excited to see me.

He knew that we had finally made the decision to do IVF in January.

He asked if I was looking forward to seeing the RE next month.

He wanted to know if I was excited about In Vitro.

I hated to burst his bubble.

I told him about Shug’s accident and our change of plans.

He was heartbroken.

I watched his face fall.

Then he teared up.

He cried with me once again.

He told me that he’s going to continue to pray for a miracle for us.

Then he told me that he wants me to consider BRACAnalysis.

With such a strong family history of breast cancer, he’s very concerned about my cancer risk.

*big sigh*

It just never ends!

God give me strength.