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No picture,

I’m still feeling funky!

Rae asked for an update,

so here it is.

Ultrasound was good.

The dominant follicle was in my left ovary.

The nurse called early Thursday morning,

my lab work was “REALLY GOOD”.

I didn’t ask for numbers,

just didn’t feel like it.

I know what PMDD feels like,

so it doesn’t matter how good the numbers were.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’ll post more when I feel better

and after my period starts.

Until then,


Rest In Peace

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Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson.

Two icons in one day.

but I am sooooooo NOT pregnant!

I’m going to waste my time at 2:30

and go to my CD21 monitoring appt.

And I should have taken a little blue pill this morning,

because my irrational rage is


AloneLittle flashes of anger,

have me doubting that we got lucky this month.

I feel the same way I usually do after I ovulate.

Heavy burning uterus,

heavy ovaries,

and PMDD.

Trying to walk on faith here,

but all of this has me filled with…..


Wordless Wednesday

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Big Man

Shug’s got me looking like this;

I love that man!

Marathon sessy times is in full swing.

I think I’m ovulating as I type.

I can only hope that we get lucky this month.

I found out on Sunday that my niece is pregnant.

Her beautiful baby girl is going to be a big sister.

She’s a few years younger than me,

I’m so glad that she didn’t have to struggle with secondary infertility.

I had a great weekend with Shug.

We saw The H.a.n.g.over on Saturday (it’s hilarious),

and spent Sunday on the lake with friends.

I start taking on Friday,

and head to the doctor on Tuesday for monitoring (last one).

That’s all for now,

I’m going back under.

Wish me luck!

The golf course behind my office

The golf course behind my office

It’s storming in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The building across the street was struck by lightening.


That’s all I’ve got right now.

I’m taking it easy,

gearing up for the sessy times marathon that starts tomorrow.