Who am I?

Shug & Me
I’m a happily married woman who has been dealing with infertility since March 2005.  I’ve been examined, operated on, misdiagnosed and finally correctly diagnosed with PCOS.  On June 19th, 2008 we had our first IUI; unfortunately it was not successful.  We were going to pursue IVF in January 2009, but life has changed our plans. We’re prayerful that God will bless us with a miracle.  So now we wait.
  1. rosesdaughter says:

    Good luck! I won’t say relax, because I hate it when people say it to me!

  2. imafishey says:

    Thank you and I feel the same way about that comment. Relaxing hasn’t helped for three years!

  3. Erin says:

    I am finally coming up for air with the whirlwind of events here. Thanks so much for following my story. New Orleans calls! I understand your struggle and had given up hope for a family. Sometimes life changes in an instant.

  4. birdless says:

    Just found your blog. I’ve also tried relaxing for years and found that it doesn’t work for me either! I’ll keep following you if you don’t mind. I’m new to blogging about this, and only just started to look around the other blogs. Nice to see I am not alone, although I certainly don’t wish this (infertility) on anyone.

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