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heartBig Brother’s heart is acting up again.

His heart is fluttering again.

Cardiac episodes or atrial flutters.

His problems have always been in the lower chambers of his heart.

Now he’s having problems with the upper chambers.

His doctors have put him on blood thinners,

and in about two weeks he’ll have a catheter ablation.

This procedure corrects the problem about 95% of time.

Scary times ahead.

Seasoning is starting early this year…..


Whereas most recipe’s call for a teaspoon of cayenne pepper; apparently my life’s recipe calls for a cup! 

God give me strength! 

My Big Brother is in the hospital.  Back story; in 2003 he had a pace maker/defibrillator implanted after he passed out at work. His cardiologists discovered that his heart was damaged from taking a popular supplement. It came as shock to everyone  for several reasons – he worked out religiously, didn’t drink or smoke. On the surface  he was very healthy with about 6% body fat and he was only 39 years old.  He was dealt a blow when we found out that he had electrical and pumping problems. His heart was functioning at about 70%.  Earlier this year he found out that his heart was functioning at 57%.  A month ago he learned that it had decreased to 32%. 

He needs a heart transplant.

Right now, I’m walking on faith.  I have to. I have to be strong for my mother. She’s falling apart right now. She just buried her sister two weeks ago. 

*big sigh*