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Shug’s Left Foot

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Family
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my-left-footShug’s surgery is scheduled.

He’s having a tendon transfer on Friday, February 27th.

He’ll be in surgery for about 75 minutes.

Go to recovery for an hour and half.

And go home in a walking boot.

He’ll spend the weekend with his leg elevated.

Stay home for a week.

And return to work on March 9th.

It still amazes me that all of this is from dislocating his knee.

Oh well,

He’s very ready to get this surgery out of the way.

He knows that this is his final surgery.

And sooner,

rather than later.

He’ll be walking close to normal.



Posted: February 23, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Mirand Paul Jackson's City

Mirand Paul Jackson's City

 Isn’t that the most beautiful city you’ve ever seen?

My God-Daughter Miranda  who is four made it.

She always makes me smile.


I’ve been quiet again.

I had to make some changes.

Only fluff from here on out.

Believe me, I have my reasons.

So here’s what’s happening in my world.

Big Brother had his procedure last Monday.

He’s doing fine, and feeling better already.

Shug & I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon that will operate on his foot.

He’s having a nerve study performed this afternoon.

The results of which will determine his course of treatment.

More than likely he’ll have a tendon transfer (graphic picture).

I’m okay.






Posted: February 10, 2009 in PMS
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2413600640_0977c3a3d011This pretty much sums up how I’m feeling.

I’ve figured out that my PMDD is changing.

I think the PMDD is now occurring when I’m Menstrual & Post-Menstrual.

More shit for me to deal with.

And why do I have cramps right now?

And why are my boobs hurting like hell?

This is definitely new.

Oh the fucking joy!


My period started late last night.

Not surprised,

but still no PMDD.

I brought a little blue pill to work though.

Just in case.

I asked a good “friend” what she thought about the spotting.

She told me that my cycle is changing because I’m about to go through menopause…………..


I think I’m going to take that little blue pill now.

pmsWhere is the irritability and anger?

Where is the anxiety, tension and edginess?

No sudden mood shifts..

This morning I started spotting.

That’s new.

I usually just start full on.

And it’s also early for me (CD 29).

I have had mittelschmerz,

but I always have that.

I wasn’t expecting it,

but I feel fine.

Felt fine last week too.

That’s usually when it hits.

Where is the PMDD?

I’m definitely not complaining;

but I am curious.

Oh well,

I guess we’ll see.

On to bigger and better things.