MyDaddy - Mardi Gras 2007

My birthday was wonderful.

All that anxiety for nothing.

41 feels fabulous.

MyDaddy had surgery yesterday.

He came through surgery well,

but we had a bit of a scare while he was in recovery.

He was having trouble breathing.

His blood oxygen level was 85%,

after sticking a tube down his throat and nose,

and working on him they got it up to 96%.

Normal is 95-100%.

He retained a lot of fluid from surgery,

so they sent him to dialysis and kept him overnight.

He’s probably going to go home today after his surgeon checks him out.

It’ was pretty scary,

but he’s breathing fine now,

and he feels so much better.

So glad that all’s well!

  1. Jenn says:

    So glad that 41 turned out to be no sweat!!!! Your daddy has the most wonderful smile – Just like you! Love that pic! I am so grateful he came through surgery well – recovery can be tough sometimes. Sounds like he is on the way to some good healing! I will send him and the whole family my prayers!

    Hugs my dear

  2. mepookiesan says:

    I’m glad your dad is doing great and your 41st bday was’nt as bad as you thought. I’m sending you and your family well wishes and wishing you a great start to the holidays.
    GG 🙂

  3. birdless says:

    I’m glad your dad’s surgery went well! I love the picture!

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