Still don’t feel like writing…..

Posted: December 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
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MyMama isn’t going to be able to donate a kidney to MyDaddy.

She is devastated.

Her kidney function wouldn’t be at a healthy level if she donates.

A co-worker of mine has offered to donate.

He faxed his paperwork yesterday.

Isn’t that amazingly wonderful?

Thanksgiving was nice,

but no one was in the mood for turkey.

We ate gumbo and cornbread dressing.

We’ve decided to volunteer next year.

I see my  doctor on Monday,

I’ve decided to tell her that we are no longer trying to conceive.

She’ll probably put my on hbp medication.

Which is fine,

my uterus and ovaries are useless.

My annual is on Thursday.

I’ll probably make my doctor cry again.

There’s more,

but I’m still not in the mood to write.

This blog is depressing as hell!

  1. rosesdaughter says:

    I’m so sorry that your mom isn’t able to donate. But isn’t the generosity of others always so amazing?
    And your blog isn’t depressing. It’s real life.

    (BIG HUGS) my friend.

  2. birdless says:

    So’s mine. I’m sorry your mom can’t donate, but yeah, that’s so awesome that your coworker volunteered. I hope it works out!

    Turkey is overrated. J and I had fried chicken, last minute. Thanksgiving is a joke around here. Chicken was freaking good though. I just decided against becoming a vegetarian. Poor chickens, but YUM.

  3. brown-eyed-girl says:

    Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry things are getting so messed up. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  4. mepookiesan says:

    You & the fam are in my prayers and your blog is not depressing it reality and sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have very screwed up days…but you will get through. You’re just in your gray area right but soon things will start to change for you (…and the fam). So, chin up…it’ll all work how, just have faith. 🙂


  5. Jenn says:

    Sorry for not coming around a bit more….though you have not been far from my thoughts!! Kind of taking a small hiatus from my blog and the blogosphere til the new year I think.

    I am so incredibly sorry about the family donation situation….though it seems to have brought forth a true blessing in your co-worker! I will pray that all the paperwork goes through and it works out in the end!!!

    As for the conceiving situation…I have been there my friend and it is truly a sucky, sad place to be. Just know I am here for you if and when you want to talk. I do have a strong feeling in my heart though that you and Shug will become parents one way or another. I will continue to pray that comes true.

    In the meantime my friend, I am right here next to you- holding your hand – taking you around and just giving you a hug with much love and support!

    P.S. – Your blog IS what it is…good, bad, sad, joyful – whatever- It is you and YOUR life.

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