mehNot much.

Freaking the fuck out about turning 41 on Sunday, November 15th.

Took my braids out last weekend, rocking a natural fro.

Shug hates it.

Too bad, I’m rocking the natural hair for at least a month.

I miss The Tchoupitoulas so much.

I take out his box of toys out every now and then and smell his collar.

His scent is almost gone.

I cried on Saturday because The Breeder’s Cup was on.

 MyBaby Chop loved horse racing.

I’m looking forward to December 26th.

The entire family (MyMama, MyDaddy, Bigger Brother & his family, Big Brother & his daughter, me & Shug) is going on a cruise to celebrate Mom & Dad’s 45th Anniversary.

The kidney transplant will be in January, after we return from Mexico.

In the meantime, MyDaddy is having his gallbladder removed on Tuesday.

It’s only functioning at 15% and he’s in a lot of pain.

Shug’s Grandmother was placed in hospice last month.

We took a quick trip home to visit with her.

Yesterday the hospice nurse released her from hospice.

A home health care agency is going to care for her.

We’re convinced Grandma is going to outlive all of us.

Shug & I plan on travelling a lot next year.

We’ve also decided not take anymore fertility meds.

As I said before, it’s a waste of time and money.

I don’t know where that leaves my blog.

I’ll probably continue to blog, but more about our life.

Whatever I blog about, hopefully it will be more often.

I’ve been in a funk and haven’t felt like blogging.

Have I mentioned that I’m FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about turning 41?!

ummm……….yeah……….so that’s what’s really happening.

  1. JuliaS says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope it is more wonderful than not and that it is not so scary as you fear. I turn 41 on Tuesday (the 17th!) so I’m kind of in that same boat with ya. 40 kicked my fanny but good – I’m hoping 41 is better now that I got the hang of it? :0)

    Good luck with the gallbladder for MyDaddy. I had mine out in 2003 and was very happy to have that thing gone . . .

    • TheMrs says:

      Thanks for the encouragement & Happy Birthday to you too!! You know, I was ready for 40, but 41 is kicking my ass!! It’s one thing to say “I’m 40”, as opposed to being in your 40’s! LOL

  2. rosesdaughter says:

    Age is nothing but a number!! You are like a fine wine, you only get better with time!
    Good luck with Daddy’s gallbladder. I am so jealous that you are going on a cruise!!!! I LOVE cruises!!
    And don’t worry, I’ll read your blog no matter what you write about. I actually like you. 🙂

  3. rosesdaughter says:

    Oh, and I LOVE the fro!!!

  4. Soapchick says:

    Here from Lost and Found. Happy Birthday! I turned 41 in September and know the feeling of stopping treatments. We are on an indefinite break after a failed DE cycle in July. I have a new blog now that is just about life. I hope you and Shug find peace and happiness. Life is great – live it up with a lot of traveling as you say. That’s a fabulous idea! Enjoy Mexico!!

  5. birdless says:

    I’m sorry I’m so late, but happy belated birthday! I love the natural hair! You look adorable, even with the “huh?” face on. I hope to hell that I look as good as you in a few years. I’m interested to read whatever you blog about your life.

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