Looking up…

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Y’all know why I’ve been quiet,

it’s hard to post when you’re broken-hearted.

So I’m going to follow the trend that I’ve been seeing in other blogs.

I’m going to post something positive,

or something that I’m thankful about for 30 days.

That should lift the funk right?!?!

  1. Soapchick says:

    It will definitely help you to focus on what you already have. It’s the first step to healing a broken heart. Good idea.

  2. It does help to think of the postive things. Even with the bad things seem overwhelming.

  3. Yes!!!!! Looking at the positive always helps! Even if it doens’t help right away, it DOES help in the long run! I promise!

  4. TheMrs says:

    Thanks y’all!!

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