I’m sad & my feelings are hurt….

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Family
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The view from my office last Friday.

Without going into much detail.

My Bigger Brother and his daughter have hurt my feelings.

He continually compares her to me,

as if I’m the worst person in the world.

I’m not.

It’s a sad, sad situation.

I’m sad & my feelings are hurt…..

  1. rosesdaughter says:

    šŸ˜¦ ((BIG HUG)) my friend!

  2. mepookiesan says:

    Awww, I’m sorry to hear that šŸ˜¦ I will be wishing and praying good vibes your way. Chin up!

  3. brown-eyed-girl says:

    Oh sweetie I’m sorry! That’s terrible! Family can be so mean sometimes. boo! šŸ˜¦

  4. Rae says:

    I can’t stand when people feel that they have to compare you to someone else. It’s like they establish their worth by creating a checklist of what someone else does and does not have and what they do and do not do.
    Just continue doing and being you. Family can be so hurtful sometimes. I know, I’ve been there.

  5. mepookiesan says:

    Hey blue šŸ˜¦ here’s a song for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19rG2CHvCQY
    GG…(i.got.a.feelin’…this will put a small smile on yo face)

  6. TheMrs says:

    Thanks for the hugs, love & support y’all – I really appreciate it! šŸ™‚

  7. Mrs.Tiye says:

    Though the situations are different, the feelings are mutual girl. Feel better soon!

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