Shug’s got me looking like this;

I love that man!

Marathon sessy times is in full swing.

I think I’m ovulating as I type.

I can only hope that we get lucky this month.

I found out on Sunday that my niece is pregnant.

Her beautiful baby girl is going to be a big sister.

She’s a few years younger than me,

I’m so glad that she didn’t have to struggle with secondary infertility.

I had a great weekend with Shug.

We saw The H.a.n.g.over on Saturday (it’s hilarious),

and spent Sunday on the lake with friends.

I start taking on Friday,

and head to the doctor on Tuesday for monitoring (last one).

That’s all for now,

I’m going back under.

Wish me luck!

  1. rosesdaughter says:

    Good to know you and Shug come up for air! Have fun!!!!!!! 🙂

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