yayI started this blog on June 20, 2008.

The day after my first and only IUI.

I was  so excited typing my first post.

I had know idea that from that point on,

2008 would suck ass!!

It was one thing after another.

A failed IUI.

An ill fated decision to not pursue IVF after that failed IUI.

My aunt losing her battle to breast cancer.

A mutual agreement to pursue IVF in January 2009;

only to be derailed by Shug’s horrific knee/foot injury.

It was an ugly year.

It brought us to our knees.

But we made it.

We are blessed!

Tomorrow I’ll start another medicated cycle.

Once again,

I’m excited.

And hopeful.


my 200th post will be about my pregnancy.

  1. rosesdaughter says:

    Happy 100th!!!!! I am so excited for you tommorrow!!!!!!!

  2. MAK-now says:

    Happy 100th!!!! (Vesta is singing in the background – Congratulations)

  3. Jenn says:

    …………..Singing……”Congratulations to you, congratulations TO you…..Congratulations dear Fishey….Congratulations to you!!!”

    (sorry that was a bit off- key!)

    I know that 2008 was a real pooper of a year but I have faith that your 2009 is going to be AWESOME!

    Hugs and way to go on reaching your 100TH

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