I’m okay,

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Illness
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IMG00272after a trip to the emergency room yesterday.

I started having chest pains Saturday afternoon.

I have a lung disease that affects the upper lobe of my left lung,

so it’s not uncommon for me to have chest pain.

So I didn’t think much of it.

I didn’t sleep well Saturday night,

I couldn’t get comfortable because my chest was still hurting.

We spent Mother’s Day with mom,

had a great day but my chest was still hurting.

Yesterday morning,

I had already  made the decision to call my pulm.onary doct.or;

when I started experiencing shortness of breath on the way to work.

I drove to my doc’s hospital and went to the ER.

They immediately hooked me up to oxygen and monitors.

After blood work and a series of chest x-rays,

they ruled out any problems with my heart.

I have an extremely rare lung disease,

so I had to explain Swyer James McLeod Syndrome to the ER doc.

They were concerned that my lung had collapsed

or that I had a pul.monary em.bo.lism (blood clot).

Further testing ruled that out.

When I explained that it hurt more when I moved around,

he concluded that I had a muscle strain in my chest wall.

So after five hours,

I left with a script for Mo.trin to reduce inflammation

and Lor.tab for pain.

I’m back at work today.

I’m still sore,

apparently it will take some time for this heal.

But all in all,

I thank God


I’m okay.

  1. Jenn says:

    Oh hon….I am so sorry – but glad that they were able to rule out all the really serious stuff. Gotta love ER docs sometimes – especially when you know more than they do.

    I really hope that pain eases soon!

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!


  2. Rae says:

    Oh my! What a last few days. I’m glad you are ok though.

  3. rosesdaughter says:

    I’m glad you are OK now. ((HUGS)). Still praying for you though.

  4. GG says:

    Awww sweetie, I am glad that you are OK. Praying for you, feel better.

  5. MAK-now says:

    Sending you lots of prayers & hugs!! Feel better!

  6. brown-eyed-girl says:

    Hope you’re feeling better these days!

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