She’s gone…..

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Family
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2001-honda-cbr-929rr-812001-honda-cbr-929rr-4Shug sold his baby last night.

A 2001 Honda CBR 929RR.

He will be rehabbing his knee and foot

for at least six more months.

And with all the reconstruction in his left knee & foot.

It would be crazy to continue to ride a sportbike.

He’s going to get an “old school” car to fill the void.

And as much as I hated her,

it kind of hurt to see someone else driving her.

  1. iambrowneyedgirl says:

    how sad


    that bike’s pretty sweet

  2. rosesdaughter says:

    so sad….c-dub wants a bike. I am resisting……..

  3. badog says:

    sorry for u’r lose. i have the same bike, only the yellow and black one. i can’t think of living without her.

  4. jimjam says:

    sorry about you gettin read of your bike,,,i had knee consructed in june 08,an then broke my femur bone in the left leg in feb. 15,2009,it’s now a rod from the knee to the hip..I STILL RIDE MY DIRT BIKE…cann’t stand the thought of a day goin bye with out one in the shed..i’m 40 yrs old an have bein ridin since i was 5,,,have broke my arms,fingers, lots of ribs,mess’d up my back and my neck,,wish i was 1/2 the man you are an could give it up,,it’s in my blood to ride an go to the hospitals i quese…..(sorry about the miss spell’d words, but as you can see i cann’t spell to good )

  5. Brandon says:

    Hey Jim

    Im 46 and broke about all the same things …cept my neck’s ok. I also been riding since i was 7.

    My wife almost broke my neck when I went for a ride on my 929 the day I got out of the hospital after having a heart attack! (hearts fine..wife pissed lol)

    Shug, all i can say is I feel for ya, hope yr knee’s OK. I cant imagine life with-out a motorcycle, how-bout a trike, after knees fixed…

    Sorry man

  6. JrDucs says:

    dang bro, the end of your relationship with your baby, and the start of a new one with mine. Yes, i am new at riding. Yes, this is my first bike. Im a 6’5 blck guy and i have a passion for bikes, and now that i could afford one, I was sooooo blessed with the once in a life time chance to buy a 929 2001 cbr right next door in town of Danbury. Well hope you can cope man, cause all i ever thought about was when i was gunna get my first bike. Now all i think about is riding my baby!!….gud luck with filling the void.

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