So where is it?

Posted: February 3, 2009 in PMS
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pmsWhere is the irritability and anger?

Where is the anxiety, tension and edginess?

No sudden mood shifts..

This morning I started spotting.

That’s new.

I usually just start full on.

And it’s also early for me (CD 29).

I have had mittelschmerz,

but I always have that.

I wasn’t expecting it,

but I feel fine.

Felt fine last week too.

That’s usually when it hits.

Where is the PMDD?

I’m definitely not complaining;

but I am curious.

Oh well,

I guess we’ll see.

On to bigger and better things.

  1. iambrowneyedgirl says:

    I hope your councelling is going well. My thoughts are with you and Shug.


  2. I’m glad you two started the counseling. But……
    Where is the PMDD???????? Dare I say it…………..
    Are you still spotting?
    Where is it????????

    (((BIG HUGS)))

  3. TheMrs says:

    I know huh, but that would be too much like right. It’s a little more than spotting now, but it’s only when I wipe. It’s weird though, I never start my period like this. We’ll see what happens overnight…..

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