Posted: January 15, 2009 in PMS
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Not just because I got glasses.
But because I’ve been able to really look at myself.
I’m a handful.
I’ve got issues.
Shug deserves a medal or at least a trophy for putting up with me.
So since I’m seeing myself clearly.
Flaws and all.
I’m going to try to do better.
I’m going to try to stick to my New Year’s Commitment of being positive this year.
It won’t be easy.
I already failed last week when the PMDD hit me full force.
But I can see that I need to work on my issues.
Sooner rather than later.

  1. rosesdaughter says:

    At least you can admit to yours! I am still in deeeeeeeeep denial.

  2. TheMrs says:

    LOL @ Rosesdaughter – girl admitting is one thing, doing something about it is another. Let’s hope I can put some action behind these words! =)

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