Middle Age Crazy?

Posted: January 6, 2009 in infertility, Life
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I've lost my mind...

I've lost my mind...

Butterflying free....

Butterflying free....

So I let my 18 year old niece talk me into getting another tattoo.

This is my seventh tattoo.

Damn that sounds like a lot.

A band of flowers around my right ankle.

A ladybug on my right foot.

Three fish swimming on my lower right back.

And Shug’s government name written across the top of my ass.

Classy huh?


This one, like the others, is very special.

I wanted something that would remind me to be carefree.

Something beautiful.

Something to remind me that my life is special.

Butterflies start their lives as a  lowly caterpillar.

They crawl through muck.

When they reach a certain point in their lives.

They wind themselves into a cocoon.

And then struggle to break free from that encasement.

Then they emerge as a beautiful carefree creature.

That’s me!

Last year was hard.

Last year was my cocoon.

Prayerfully this year will be better.

And just in case it’s not.

I will still continue to be…..

A beautiful creature.

  1. rosesdaughter says:

    Lord have mercy! I am scared of you!!
    But I love the butterfly!

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