Unspoken again….

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Family, infertility, ivf, Life, ttc
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So I haven’t been writing about infertility. 

I have grown to hate that word.

I’ve tried my best to remain positive and hopeful.

I’ve tried to speak a pregnancy into existence.

I’ve tried just about everything, except for the one sure thing that will probably help me.


We had plans to visit with the RE in January. 

We had plans to pursue IVF in January.

Those plans changed when we found out that Shug will not be able to return to work until March 2nd.

I’m 40 now and we all know that’s the *MAGIC* number that you want to avoid if your infertile.

I’ll probably never have a child.

My husband won’t be a father.

That makes me so sad.

I liked it better when it was unspoken.

  1. iambrowneyedgirl says:

    Don’t be sad. No one knows what the future holds for us.

  2. jaded says:

    wow. this is so deep. i was thinking the same thoughts about my and my husband’s fate. will. we. ever. have. children?

    i hear you, LOUD and CLEAR. I certainly hope that is not our future.

  3. rosesdaughter says:

    I hear you, BUT, don’t count God out yet. Sometimes he has plans that we know nothing about. At least, that’s what they all keep telling me. 🙂

  4. trojka says:

    I just had my IVF egg transfer today, I’m 46. My first IVF baby is 18 months old and completely amazing. Look at the statistics of your RE’s office here and make sure you’re at a good clinic http://www.sart.org/find_frm.html also try not to get bogged down by age statistics.
    I’m rooting for you!

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