Dear 2008,

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Uncategorized


  • 41 unsuccessful months of trying to conceive a child. 41 MONTHS!!!
  • My cousin who has been in and out of jail since his mother’s death in 1998, overdosed in an abandoned house on Friday.  He was 26.  His funeral was this morning.
  • My aunt is dying.  She had breast cancer in 1991. She was cancer free until last year. It first started in her lung, then moved to her spine and hip.  Now it’s in her brain.  We’re going to New Orleans on Thursday to visit her. Prayerfully she will still be lucid when we get there.

There’s more, but this is what has been weighing on heart as of late.  I’m afraid to ask “What’s next?”

  1. rosesdaughter says:

    sorry to hear about your cousinand aunt. as to TTC for 41 months……keep going!

  2. fdiary says:

    Wow, I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin and the condition of your Aunt. Cancer is a beast and so is heart disease. I lose my mother this year to heart disease. I lose my sister to drugs in 1997. I can relate to your pain. Yeah sometimes to ask yourself, what else? I told my friend today, this week has been okay for me, but let me not talk too loud lest the Devil should regroup, come back and throw more stress my way. Sometimes I wonder just how much more I can take. I got to rely on God to get me through it all.

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