Ouchhhhh and a side of evil!!

Posted: June 26, 2008 in infertility, iui, tww

So I had to go to my RE’s clinic this morning for blood work.  Today they tested for progesterone.  Nurse Evil called and told my progesterone looks great.  I didn’t get a number from her because it doesn’t matter…remember I’m Pregnant With A Possibility!  July 3rd is my beta. 

I have terrible veins, I inherited them from dad.  The nurses know that I have one good vein in my arm, the other good one is in my left hand.  I always get the nurse that doesn’t do hands. This bitch always uses a needle that’s too large (I need the butterfly) and she always blows the vein by going through it. It’s right under my skin, there is no need to go digging for gold in my arm.  Since I’m in the foulest mood EVER, I told her about herself today.  I told her I think jabs hard on purpose and I don’t want her to do my beta next week.  She feigned innocence and apologized, but I know better – bitch is just EVIL!

Back to me being in the foulest mood ever.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m hateful as ever.  It all started yesterday on my way home from work.  Dallas traffic is horrible and I hate it on an average work day.  Yesterday the traffic just unnerved me.  I need someone to explain the logistics of traffic to me. Why does the passing lane come to a complete stop and the other lanes move so quickly?  And why do I always get behind someone who thinks they can control traffic by driving SLOWER than everyone else?  By the time I got home I was frothing from the mouth.  Then I tried to relax by watching the news.  Bad idea, the news was so depressing and there is a weather man here that has terrible allergies.  He can’t get through a sentence without coughing.  A normal person would change the channel.  Not my hateful ass, I screamed at him and told him he needs a new job where he doesn’t need to speak. Finally I turned the tv off and went to the office to check emails.  The computer was slow as molasses.  I banged on the keys, turned the modem off and on, screamed at it.  Normal stuff, I just couldn’t take it. Then this morning I woke up mad as a hornet.  The puppies were working on my nerves, our older Shi Tzu was working on my nerves, I was working on my nerves!  Dealing with Nurse Evil this morning didn’t help my mood.  Maybe it’s the hormones from my Pregnancy With A Possibility, or maybe I’m just hateful!


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