Pregnant with a possibility!

Posted: June 25, 2008 in infertility, iui, ttc, tww, Uncategorized
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I’m 6DPIUI today.  I don’t know if I have any symptoms; in my mind I’m pregnant so everything I’m feeling is a symptom.  I have the same cramps that I’ve had since the IUI.  Just a few minutes ago I convinced myself that the wave of nausea that hit me was morning sickness.  I scared the shit out of my Best Friend In The Whole Wide World by telling her that I’m pregnant.  She started screaming in the phone and I had to interrupt her celebration by telling her that I’m SPEAKING my pregnancy into existence.  If she didn’t live thousands of miles away I think she would have hit me!  I truly want to believe that if I can convince my mind that I’m pregnant that I will be pregnant. 

My husband and I had a long talk last night.  My 40th birthday is in November and my husband is 34.  We went into this IUI knowing that the probability of getting pregnant is very low.  Our RE was very honest with us, but we wanted to chance it before doing IVF.  Our plan was to do the IUI and if it’s not successful to do IVF.  Well last night we changed our plans.  We decided that we’re not going to do IVF.  We have to pay out of pocket since insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatments.  While we have the funds available to us, IVF is not guaranteed.  Paying $15,000 out of pocket in this economy…well it doesn’t make sense to us right now.  Surprisingly, both of us are okay this decision.  We know that we have done everything possible to start a family.  So this is why I’m speaking my pregnancy into existence.  This is it and this is all it will be unless our insurance changes.   And you know what?  That’s okay, because if we’re not pregnant, life will go on.  It will be a little quieter, but it will go on.  

  1. twopink! says:

    Hi there! Just read your post and truly envy your positive outlook. Wishing you and your husband all the best. GOOD LUCK!

  2. imafishey says:

    Thanks for the good luck wishes.My postive outlook is a work in progress. I’m just so ready to move forward and move onto the next chapter in my life…….whatever it may be.

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