Posted: June 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’m still crampy and I’m having twinges from both ovaries.  I ovulated from both ovaries, so I guess that makes sense.  I might need to back off reading stuff on the internet. There’s too much information out there and I’m a self diagnosed hypochondriac so I don’t need any help.  I want to stay as relaxed as possible during the two week wait.  That’s easier said than done. 

So Friday afternoon Shug (my husband) called me to let me know that he found two puppies.  He went on and on about how he wants to keep them.  Now mind you we already own Clyde the Shi Tzu.  He was so excited about how affectionate and cute the puppies were.  How could I say no.  So I braced myself for meeting them when I got home.  They are the most adorable puppies!  They had to have run away or got loose, because they’re well fed and healthy.  We decided to name them Chloe & Tchopitoulas (a street from our home town New Orleans).  We’ve been looking around my parents neighborhood and also a little beyond to see if anyone has put up flyers.  We’re taking them to vet tomorrow to get them checked out, but they seem pretty healthy.  If no one is looking for them, we’re definitely going to keep them. They’re a great distraction during the two week wait!  


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